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“I was going through a phase where I was facing loneliness, I was afraid and struggled with anger and depression. The fact that me and my family weren’t where we were supposed to be and friends who betrayed me, made me overreact and I got into trouble. I started doing drugs, got drunk, made bad friends that always led me into more trouble. My anger caused me to get kicked out of two high schools. If I didn’t have RIM to support me and be there for me and provide me with counseling, meetings and talks about my issues, I don’t know where I would end up; maybe jail. You don’t always get a second chance in life. If it wasn’t for RIM’s Program, I wouldn’t be accepted back to finish high school and probably would never have graduated high school. RIM was able to help me by giving me a counselor, making sure I did good in school, talk about my future goals, help me apply for colleges and jobs and much more. This program helped me to be a different person; a person that is able to chase her future and dreams. A person that thinks before she reacts, a person that is able to be as motivated as much as she can. I was able to be myself and not afraid to chase my dream. This program is a lot more than just helping you get out of your anger or depression .When I had a problem in school my mentor, ”Daphnee Cherubin” was able to represent me and defend me. When I need someone to talk to she always takes time out of her schedule to meet up with me and talk about it. If you’re going though the same thing or struggle as I was going through or worse, I suggest you join this program. It’s very helpful and I’m glad I was able to get some help.”
– Tacha H-

“Being a part of GEMS was an amazing experience that I will never forget. In the beginning of GEMS I didn’t know everyone but throughout the year I got to know everyone a lot better. At first, I didn’t even know what a GEMS was but now I know being a GEMS means to always be kind and set an example to everyone. When all the Gems are together we can just forget about all the problems and laugh. That’s one of the reasons why I love GEMS. We’ve had so many great opportunities this year like learning how to cook a meal at First Watch Restaurant. The food tasted great! Also, we learned how to prepare healthy snacks. My favorite snack that we had at a GEMS meeting was the fruit parfait. They were so good! We also went on a trip to NYC! That was pretty amazing and the workshop was fun. Overall GEMS is a great program and I am so happy to be a part of it.”
-Amaya T – (7th grader)

“At first you don’t know what’s going to happen. Whether you get in or don’t. If you do, you wonder if anyone you know will also be in it. If you don’t then there’s always next year! I was lucky enough to be selected as a GEM. I was afraid to meet new people but then I realized there was nothing to worry about. Through the first few weeks I didn’t talk much, but Ms. Daphnee and Ms. Angela helped me with that. Soon, with time, I started socializing with other people; I made new friends and had new experiences. I learned how to be myself whether I know anyone or not. I learned how to make good decisions. I also learned how to become a better leader and a strong independent young lady. As we, GEMS, got prepared for our Pinning Ceremony, walking up in front of everyone, anxiously waiting to get our names called, we worried whether we’re good enough for one another. As the year went by, we walked out as a family knowing that we will always have each other’s back! I am a proud and strong GEMS.”
-Cindy C – (8th grader);

Gaithersburg Middle School GEMS - Poem by Cindy Cruz

We as girls

didn’t have a lot of rights in the past.

We were thought of as

weak, stupid and powerless.

But now we have so much power

at the tip of our fingers. All of us as GMS GEMS

Have so many other girls that look up to us. Us girls show

responsibility, respect and trustworthiness.

We are strong role models

We were so used to having someone

Shut us down

But if one person can

Make a difference, think of what

A group of girls can do!

We show that we have

power, strength and wisdom.

Everybody is going to try to bring us down

But as long as I got your back

And you got mine,

I think that’s enough power for us to rise even higher.

“As a leader (teacher/sponsor) in the GMS GEMS/RIM’s Program, I have seen the Girls Emerging on a Mission to Success Program greatly impact our girls at Gaithersburg Middle School (GMS). I have seen many of the young ladies not only develop new friends and enjoy new experiences, but they have also reflected on the life skills and grown from the application of them. The life skills are well developed and very appropriate for their age group. Many of the life skills applied to a situation they were going through at that time. GEMS Afterschool Program was very successful in providing opportunities for the girls to develop their confidence and leadership skills.”
– G. Vaughn-Smith

To anyone who may doubt or wonder about RIM’s Program:

RIM’s Girls Emerging on a Mission to Success Program (GEMS), is the reason why my sister

Tacha H. wake up every morning hopeful. No matter what life has thrown at her staffs were

always there to keep her going even when she was down in the dumps. The Program helped

brighten her even in the darkest of times when it felt like nothing could go right in her life.

Without RIM, my sister would not have become the strong person that she is today. People

would bully and tell her that she wasn’t good enough, that there were always going to be people

better than her, smarter than her, funnier than her, prettier than her, more educated than her. I

must admit as her brother I had given up on my sister for the longest time. I hated the fact that

she wouldn’t listen to me her older brother or other family members. In every way possible I

released so much anger and tears because of my sister Tacha’s behavior and bad attitude. But

without RIM, especially Ms. Daphnee Cherubin, we wouldn’t have worked so hard to get better

at everything we did if we did not have Ms. Cherubin and her Organization, RIM to help and

mentor my little sister and guide our family.

Thank you Daphnee (CEO) of RIM for believing that she would survive her pass life challenges.

Thank you for doing something as simple as tell her she did a good job while doing something

she was passionate about. As her brother I owe you the world for helping her stop doubting her

abilities and working towards always being a better person.

Ernso M.

CEO of FooCore Integrated Solution