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Meet The Team

Daphnee Kelly
Organization / CEO

Daphnee Kelly, a native of Port-au-Prince, Haiti is a devout Christian, entrepreneur, powerful speaker and captivating writer whose goal is to service and strengthen her community by bringing hope and affirming value in people’s lives. As a woman of faith, Daphnee established a genuine and profound relationship with Christ from the very young age of 12. This devout relationship enabled her to rise above the grueling and traumatic experiences of sexual, emotional and physical abuse she endured during her adolescence. Due to her devout faith and compassion for those overlooked and broken, Daphnee is now an advocate of women, children and families; speaking hope, healing and empowerment.

Driven by a tenacious and passionate spirit to help young girls and families rise above dire circumstances, Daphnee founded and currently serves as the Chief Servant Officer of Retouch International Ministries, (RIM) a Non-Profit Organization in the Maryland Metropolitan area, whose mission is to bring hope, healing and empowerment to the lives of undiscovered or overlooked (at risk) teenage girls; G.E.M.S. (Girls Emerging on a Mission to Success). The G.E.M.S. After School Program focuses on helping each girl discover the gems they possess within to build character and to live a meaningful and successful life. Additionally, G.E.M.S. exposes them to and teaches them core values and skills which will prepare them holistically, for success in their present and future life. Daphnee graduated from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan with a Bachelors degree in Religion. Mrs. Kelly obtained her Master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in Mental Health at Webster’s University, Orlando Florida. Daphnee previously served as Commission for Women in Montgomery County, Maryland. Her life’s motto is, “I live to serve and serve to live.”

Suzanne Meehle
Board Member

Specializes in helping small businesses. She is the founder of Meehle Law firm. Suzanne spent more than three years at a large local law firm before following her heart and starting the small firm of Innes & Meehle in 2009. Though the firm eventually disbanded, Suzanne continues to follow her heart as a solo practitioner. Suzanne teaches a course on Representing Small Businesses at Solo Practice University, as well as writing a monthly column for the site. She has been honored with the highest peer-review rating from Martindale-Hubbell, AV Preeminent. Suzanne’s passion is helping small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs with their legal needs. “I cannot imagine doing anything else,” she says. “I learn something new every day, and I get to work with creative, interesting and innovative people.” Amongst other services, Meehle law, forms corporations and limited liability companies. They help negotiate and draft contracts including employment agreements, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, leases, licenses, and buy/sell agreements.

Linda Quinones
Board Member

Linda Quinones, has served as a Mentor, Life Skills Facilitator and health and wellness coach to the G.E.M.S. Participants for the past three years. Mrs. Quinones is a mother of four children. She is currently the owner of Seeking Sitters in Washington DC and Montgomery County, Maryland. She has a Bachelor’s in Sociology with a minor in Youth Ministries. When Linda’s not working, she loves family dinner when all her children are home. She also loves anything outdoors like water sports, swimming and water skiing during the summer and in the winter she enjoys snow skiing. Linda is an avid runner and has completed two marathons. Her naturally warm and nurturing temperament in addition to the numerous years as a successful business owner and most essentially being a mother makes her great asset to our G.E.M.S.

Kennedy DeSousa
Board Member

Kennedy DeSousa is a visionary and entrepreneur with a natural knack for business. Mr. DeSousa is founder of Opes Gold, LLC a consultant firm in San Jose, California specializing in international branding and marketing strategies. As a result of his experience and expertise, Mr. DeSousa is often sought out by friends and associates because of his uncanny ability to resolve small business issues. In his own words “Opes Gold was created to empower, solve, educate and help small businesses maximize profits while minimizing competition”.

As a business activist full of vision, Mr. DeSousa has demonstrated an unprecedented ability to create value for his clients with his out-of the-box way of thinking and execution for small and mid size corporations.

In addition to his corporation, Mr. DeSousa also has a passion for photography. As a child, he would rigorously paint in his room and therefore, developed the passion for the arts. With the help of his high school art teacher who was quite intrigued by his art and skills, Kennedy applied to CalArt, (California Institute of the Arts).

In college, he worked hard to find his “niche”. With much experimentation, he discovered a new form of art, photography. Kennedy loves the process of capturing snippets of life. He thrives off the ability to capture memorable moments, allowing many to revisit their most precious moments and experiences.

Through Opes Gold LLC, Kennedy is helping many entrepreneurs and artists integrate their passion of business and the arts.

Edwin (Ned) R. Ailes
Board Member

CEO and President of Life Management Center since February 2006. Executive Director for Gulf County Guidance Clinic for 22 years. A total of 38 years of progressively responsible administrative, program development and clinical experience with Life Management Center. Master’s degree from Southern Illinois University with specialization in community and school psychology. Florida Licensed Marriage and Family and Therapist with extensive clinical experience with child, adolescent and adult mental health conditions.

Above all his accomplishments, Ned’s’ greatest success is his family. In his words, “They are more important than my credentials.”

Christine Hendy
Board Member

Christine is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. She currently has a Private Practice in Winter Park and is a Certified Supervisor for those seeking Licensure in Florida. She attended McGill University in Montreal, Canada; University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida where she earned a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Counseling. She received her Licensure in 1990. She has worked with the Juvenile Justice System in Substance Abuse Treatment &Sexual Abuse Offender Treatment; with Mental Health Services inpatient & outpatient; and in Private Practice with Adult Domestic Violence Perpetrators and Survivors, Sexual Abuse Offenders and Survivors (all ages).

She has supervised, developed, implemented and monitored Programs for inpatient and outpatient services for The Juvenile Justice System, The Department of Corrections and Domestic Violence. Her current Practice is open to all diagnostic categories ages 8 and older. She has served as President of the Central Florida Chapter of the Florida Mental Health Counselors’ Association ; as a member of the District VII Department of Children & Families Child and Abuse & Neglect Prevention Task Force; as a member of the Osceola County Family Court Task force; as a member of the Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association; as a Certified Forensic Counselor with specialty in work with those who Sexually Offend; as a member of the Play Therapy Association, as a member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy; as a member of the National Association for the Treatment of Sexual Offenders (ATSA).

In addition to her wealth of experience and knowledge, Christine’s utmost attribute is her integrity, warmth and compassion.

Greg Cherubin
Board Member

Mr. Gregory Cherubin, a Washington, DC native is President and Founder of American Life Financial Company (ALFCO). Mr. Cherubin specializes in personal & investment finance services and products. ALFCO is a financial management company with emphasis on credit optimization and net-income management in the Washington, DC metropolitan area that was established to help homebuyers who needed to improve their creditability secure the most favorable rates when purchasing. Through the leadership of Mr. Cherubin, ALFCO became a prime partner for mortgage companies and real estate brokers to empower real estate clients to lock in the most favorable terms possible based on an increased credit score. Mr. Cherubin brings with him a proven track record of excellence and business success, as well as a very well earned reputation for his integrity, tenacity, professionalism and commitment to his client’s financial success. Prior to founding ALFCO, Mr. Cherubin was the Vice President of Merlain Financial Group, a credit management company in Boston, MA.

Mr. Cherubin is a graduate of Bethesda Chevy Chase High School in Bethesda, MD. He also attended Harvard University, in Cambridge, MA with a concentration in Philosophy and Economics.

More important than his accomplishments, Greg’s greatest treasure is his wife and their son. He is an athlete, a psalmist, songwriter, but most importantly a servant of the LORD.