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RIM is partnering with Sylvan Learning Center to ensure each of our GEMS (young girls) are academically on track. In a world where girls are often minimized and left behind, EDUCATION is a key that will unlock their power and full potential. As noted by the National Women’s Law Center’s study, “When Girls Don’t Graduate, We All Fail”, statistics show that overall, an estimated one in four female students will not graduate with a regular high school diploma in the standard, four-year time period and female dropouts hold a bigger risk than their male counterparts. Female dropouts have higher rates of unemployment, make less money and rely on public support programs to provide for their families. RIM’s goals is to help reduce this dropout rate! Our mission is to empower girls through EDUCATION to reach their full potential and make a positive impact in their communities. We welcome your support through sponsorship for individual tutoring. The cost for each student is $4,105.00 per academic year (9 months).