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    RIM is partnering with Sylvan Learning Center to ensure each of our GEMS (young girls) are academically on track. In a world where girls are...
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    “RIM goes beyond their known communities to expose GEMS (young girls) and offer an expanded view of our world. This is accomplished via Field Trips,...
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      Health is wealth! Unfortunately we live in a society where kids are not as healthy; as noted by KidsHealth from Nemours, the percentage of...
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About Us

Retouch International Ministries, Inc. (RIM) is a Christian Organization in the Maryland Metropolitan area, that improves the lives of undiscovered (overlooked) teenage  girls by offering a well-designed holistic curriculum which propels them to success.  RIM uses a comprehensive approach which focuses on the WHOLE person, mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. Although RIM operates on the principles of Christianity, faith is personal and is not imposed on individuals.

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Retouch International Ministries is hosting its first art auction fundraising event, “The Girls That Could…” to raise funds for the (GEMS) Girls Emerging on a Mission to Success Program.

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“I was going through a phase where I was facing loneliness, I was afraid and struggled with anger and depression. The fact that me and my family weren’t where we were supposed to be and friends who betrayed me, made me overreact and I got into trouble. I started doing drugs, got drunk, made bad friends that always led me into more trouble. My anger caused me to get kicked out of two high schools. If I didn’t have RIM to support me and be there for me and provide me with counseling, meetings and talks about my issues, I don’t know where I would end up; maybe jail. You don’t always get a second chance in life. If it wasn’t for RIM’s Program, I wouldn’t be accepted back to finish high school and probably would never have graduated high school. RIM was able to help me by giving me a counselor, making sure I did good in school, talk about my future goals, help me apply for colleges and jobs and much more. This program helped me to be a different person; a person that is able to chase her future and dreams. A person that thinks before she reacts, a person that is able to be as motivated as much as she can. I was able to be myself and not afraid to chase my dream. This program is a lot more than just helping you get out of your anger or depression .When I had a problem in school my mentor, ”Daphnee Cherubin” was able to represent me and defend me. When I need someone to talk to she always takes time out of her schedule to meet up with me and talk about it. If you’re going though the same thing or struggle as I was going through or worse, I suggest you join this program. It’s very helpful and I’m glad I was able to get some help.”
– Tacha H-


We are grateful to the Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation for their investment in RIM and most earnestly in our clients of girls.

In July of 2015, RIM teamed up and collaborated with Gaithersburg Middle School (GMS) and two other non-profit organizations, the National Alliance of Mental Illness of Montgomery County (NAMI, MC) and Project Change (PC) to form GMStrong!.  The collaboration of GMStrong! was awarded $150,000 grant by the Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation, which assists local health and human service, arts and  non-profit organizations in Montgomery County. This grant focuses on the social and emotional needs of middle school students. Due to the amount allocated to RIM, we are able to empower a group of 23 “undiscovered” (at risk) teenage girls by exposing them to core values, life skills and opportunities which will prepare them for success in their adolescent and future life.